This blog is run by two curious people who have always had a fascination with computer science. Over the years, we have explored diverse areas ranging from game development to artificial intelligence, always seeking to expand our knowledge and never being satisfied with incomplete explanations, boring textbooks and uninspired teachers. Learning is supposed to be an enjoyable activity, and that is what this blog aims to achieve.

At the moment, our current interests lie in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and general Artificial Intelligence. Since these areas have relatively recently gained traction and are likely to become omnipresent, we would like to focus on them in more detail, but we will also occasionally cover other areas in computer science. We will discuss topics in small increments, focusing on their technical and programmatic aspects. Usually, each topic will be accompanied by a programming task and the associated code, and we will see how the concept can be applied to the problem. We believe in learning instead of studying and comprehension instead of memorization.

Understanding how ideas and concepts can be applied to solve real world problems differentiates the good from the great. You might have just spent half your day trying to understand how a Neural Network works, but if you can’t apply it to a real world problem, then it is of no use, really. Schools teach us concepts, but leave the understanding part to us. Our blog will lend a helping hand when it comes to understanding concepts and applying them to problems. Every tutorial that we post will contain a real world example to which we will apply the concept, implemented in code and explained in detail for your understanding. Programming tasks, that we will provide at the end of each blog post, will be fun, we promise. Being able to code in multiple languages, without knowing how to solve problems makes you a pseudo-programmer. If that’s where you find yourself stuck, our blog will help you become the complete programmer.

Like they say, all great things are not built in a day. We want to take you through a beautiful journey, with a strong emphasis on understanding concepts. At the end of this journey, you will build something so elegant and grand, that probably was inconceivable, previously. We’re are team, you and us. Let’s build this together, one brick at a time. We hope to eventually build up our own community of passionate computer scientists who really enjoy coding.

Our next post will contain a general road map, the goals and the technicalities associated with our tutorials. One of our key goals is for our blog to be the one-stop destination for learning. You might have spent a lot of time browsing through many different videos and articles to understand concepts, often because each of these are slightly incomplete in their own way. While we hope to write articles that are completely self-contained, we would encourage you to refer multiple sources, if you have the time. Feedback is always welcome.

 The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu